Sustainable value creation

As a family-owned investment company, we have a long-term approach and we develop our portfolio companies in a sustainable way. We at Ahlström Capital believe that sustainability is a prerequisite for creating long-term value. We are committed to promoting responsible business practices in our portfolio companies and to conducting sustainable asset management of our real estate and forest investments.

As a responsible investor we want to improve our environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact and performance in our own operations and in our investments. We have identified Ahlström Capital’s material ESG topics and we will incorporate them into the screening processes and business development work of our portfolio companies. In addition to these ESG topics, portfolio companies have their own industry-specific ESG topics, which they manage and develop similarly to those identified by Ahlström Capital.

We support our portfolio companies in their responsibility efforts through active board participation and guidance as well as by cooperation with the management. As a responsible owner we want to discuss ESG topics in the Boards of our portfolio companies. We have created investment tools to support the evaluation of the ESG topics in our investment targets as well as the development of current portfolio companies’ sustainability work.

We manage our real-estate and forest holdings in a sustainable way. When we select new properties into our real estate portfolio we consider the ESG impact of the new investment. Our properties are managed in an energy efficient manner and we aim to get environmental certificates (e.g LEED and BREEAM) for them.

We promote ecologically and economically sustainable forestry and take into account multipurpose use of forests. Our forests are included in various protection programmes, such as Natura 2000. All our forests have PEFC Sustainable Forest management certification.

Our sustainability work is based on the Global Compact’s ten principles for sustainable investments. In order to develop our sustainability work we have continuous dialogues with all of our stakeholders, including the Finnish organisation for sustainable business practices, FIBS, which we joined in 2016.

We aim to ensure that all our operations and employees comply with our Code of Conduct which addresses our values and ethical rules.