Sustainability is a part of our active long-term ownership

At Ahlström Capital, sustainability is a part of our active ownership. The ownership role must combine long-term sustainable development with shareholder value growth. As a family owned investment company we want to continue the Ahlström family legacy and increase the company’s value for future generations.

Responsibility is embedded in the operations of our portfolio companies. Through active board participation and guidance, we support our portfolio companies in their responsibility efforts. All portfolio companies are committed to environmental, social and economic responsibility. We also encourage our portfolio companies to engage in an open dialogue with stakeholders.

We take responsibility into account across all of our operations. The integration of sustainability throughout our portfolio companies is carried out during the acquisition process and through ongoing development work. The assessment of a potential acquisition includes an evaluation of long-term sustainability-related risks.

Ahlström Capital’s direct impact on economic, social and environmental aspects in society is much smaller in relation to our portfolio companies’ impact. Our work as a responsible investor and a long-term owner has top priority. Financial strength and resilience are a prerequisite for our ability to develop our portfolio companies both in the present and into the future.

We want to develop and involve our employees. We place importance on strategic talent development and acquisition and on the promotion of equal opportunities and diversity. We aim to continuously build upon a good level of occupational health, safety and work environment, including work-life balance.

Our good reputation and the opportunity to do sound business rests on good business ethics. We will ensure that our values and ethical rules are followed in all operations and that all employees understand and comply with them. When we select business partners, we choose the ones that conduct their business in an ethical manner and act in accordance with Ahlström family values.

We promote sound corporate governance and transparency in all of our companies. Sound corporate governance creates value and we aim for high transparency across our operations. We strive to continuously improve our corporate governance and communication to safeguard high quality and long-term confidence.

We operate our investments in a way that carefully evaluates environmental impacts. We take into account sustainability and energy efficiency when we select properties in our real estate portfolio. We maintain forest biodiversity and act responsibly in forest harvesting when operating with our forest investments. We also promote an environmental sustainability agenda in our industrial holdings.