A family-owned investment company with industrial focus

Ahlström Capital’s mission is to create long-term shareholder value by actively developing its investments and acting as a professional, responsible owner with a relatively long investment horizon. Ahlström Capital is one of the leading private investors in Finland with strong industrial expertise, long entrepreneurial heritage as well as substantial financial resources.

Ahlström Capital offers stable and competitive annual cash returns to its shareholders by creating long-term shareholder value. The value building is achieved by actively developing the industrial portfolio companies and the real estate investments and continuously looking for new investments. Ahlström Capital aims at having a balanced and diversified portfolio by allocating assets across different asset classes, industries and companies in order to reduce volatility and keep expected returns and risk levels in line with its investment strategy.

Ahlström Capital’s investment process can be divided into three steps: investment, ownership and exit. In addition to specific ongoing portfolio company development processes, Ahlström Capital also strives to continuously develop its own practices to support its flexible and agile way of working.

Ahlström Capital invests primarily in listed and non-listed industrial companies, as well as in commercial real estate and forest assets. Ahlström Capital invests in companies based in the Nordic region with either local or global focus that follow Nordic corporate governance principles. The portfolio companies are established companies with strong cash flow and identified growth potential. Ahlström Capital actively supports international growth of its portfolio companies. All in all, Ahlström Capital invests with carefully weighed risk assessment and has typically a relatively long investment horizon.

Ahlström Capital invests both in majority and minority positions but with the aim to gain substantial influence or control in the company’s decision-making. Ahlström Capital creates value in the portfolio companies through strong industrial and financial expertise, active participation in the Board of Directors and through active dialogue with portfolio company management. The purpose is to build long-lasting and dynamic businesses that are able to successfully pursue growth and internationalization opportunities.

In addition, Ahlström Capital has its roots in the strong history and entrepreneurial traditions of the Ahlström family ‒ one of the most significant industrial families in Finland with over 160 years’ heritage.