Historical and idyllic works in the Satakunta Region

For Ahlström Capital, responsibility means investing with a long-term horizon and making investments that create value over time.

Ahlström Capital’s two historical works, The Noormarkku and Kauttua works in the Satakunta region, serve guests with first-class restaurant, meeting and accommodation services. The Group has systematically maintained the works and made extensive repairs and renovations. For that uncompromising work, A. Ahlström Kiinteistöt Oy was awarded the Satakuntamedal by Satakuntaliitto in 2015. The prize was awarded for the valuable work on the preservation of cultural-historical Noormarkku and Kauttua works.

The works are significant tourist attractions in the Satakunta area. A. Ahlström Kiinteistöt Oy was also awarded the Teollisuusperintöpalkinto in November 2015 for its sawmill museum and Voyage exhibition that covers the Noormarkku works’ fascinating history of nearly 160 years.